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St Augustine of Canterbury
Catholic Primary School

Walk to School

WOW Challenge

Children and families are really putting their best foot forward with children walking to school as part of the WOW challenge, and an amazing 46% of children are actively travelling to school – that’s walking, biking, scooting, or Park & Striding.

Children simply record how they get to school on the online WOW Travel Tracker each day and those who walk, scoot, cycle or Park & Stride at least three times per week for the month are rewarded with a themed badge, with a different badge each week.

The benefits are numerous for actively travelling to school:

  • Instils life long healthy habits - encourages pupils and families to swap the daily ride for a daily stride and get some exercise.
  • Reduces congestion outside the school gates with on average 30% fewer cars.
  • Improves road safety at the school gates - thanks to the drop in car usage around the school.
  • Promotes healthy mental wellbeing - improving behaviour and concentration levels in class.
  • Family and friends time - it’s a great time for talking with your children and for the older children time to chat with their friends on the way to school.
  • Independence - WOW builds healthy habits and road safety skills for life.

For families that live too far away to walk the whole way, or have onward travel to work, don’t forget that the Park & Stride site is the Huntsman Pub on Westerleigh Road, under a 10 minute walk from school. Alternatively, park anywhere else in the 5 -10 minute zone around the school, look at the Park & Stride Zone Map on the Travel Page of our website.

Parking safely near, and around school

You may have seen the school markings and yellow lines have been refreshed around the school entrance to ensure it is clear from cars and reduce the congestion around the school gates.

The Highway Code states that you should not wait, or park, on yellow lines.  The double yellow lines indicate a prohibition of waiting at any time, and you must not wait or park, or stop to set down and pick up passengers, on the school entrance markings.

In addition, do not stop or park in front of an entrance to a property, or on a bend which can restrict both pedestrian and other car users vision. Parking on the pavement can obstruct and seriously inconvenience pedestrians, people in wheelchairs or with visual impairments and people with prams or pushchairs.

By ensuring everyone abides by the above your children can have a safe and pleasant journey to school.  If you see a vehicle that is illegally parked you can report it by emailing or telephone 01454 868000 during office hours.

For example:

  • parking on double yellow lines
  • parking on a single yellow line when restrictions are in place
  • parking over a dropped tactile kerb or any dropped kerb on a pedestrian footpath

The police should be contacted on 101 for:

  • parking on the pavement
  • obstruction